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How to Program your One Call 4 remote

(Model URC-2094)

Entering Brand ID's:

  1. Press and release the device key (TV, VCR, etc.) you want to program.
  2. Press and hold the Magic button until the red LED flashes twice, then release.
  3. Enter the 4 digit Brand ID for your device.
  4. Aim the remote at the device and press Power. If the device turns off, tap Magic to lock in the code. If the device does not turn off, press #1, #2, #3, etc., until it does. Tap Magic to lock in the code.


Blinking Back the Code:

  1. Tap the device Key - Release
  2. Hold "Magic" until it blinks twice - release.
  3. Press 9 - 9 - 0.
  4. Press 1, Count the number of blinks. (1st digit)
  5. Press 2, Count the number of blinks. (2nd digit)
  6. Press 3, Count the number of blinks. (3rd digit)
  7. Press 4, Count the number of blinks. (4th digit)
If the remote DOES NOT blink it means the number is 0.


Redefining a Device Key

You can set up and operate a second device by changing either the CD or AUX buttons.
If you want, you can change any device key to run any other device.
For example, to operate a second TV with the AUX key.
  1. Find the code for the second TV.
  2. Press "Magic" until the light on the remote blinks twice - release.
  3. Press 9 - 9 - 2
  4. Press the TV button
  5. press the AUX button
  6. press the AUX button once more and then set up the TV on that button using the set up instructions above.
Example: If you want the Aux key to be a TV key:
"MAGIC" (2 blinks) 9 - 9 - 2, TV (you want to move TV)
Then AUX (you want to replace AUX).


Punch Through

This sets Volume to work for one device in all modes.
For example, the TV volume will work in the cable and VCR modes.
  1. Hold "MAGIC" until it blinks twice - release.
  2. Press 9 - 9 - 3.
  3. Press the device key you would like the volume to come from.
You will get two blinks on the remote.
If you want to set the volume for a device to work just one or two other devices- refer to the instructions under "KEY MOVER From one button to another"


Volume Default

Use this to get Cable or VCR volume to work.
  1. Hold Magic until it blinks twice - release.
  2. Press 9 - 9 - 3
  3. press the VOLUME key, you will get two blinks.
Now The volume is set for all original devices.


Clearing Out

A Device Key - Or Another Button

  1. Tap the device Key - release.
  2. Hold Magic for Two blinks - release.
  3. Press 9 - 9 - 2
  4. Press the button twice. - Two blinks.

All Key movers,Macro's, and Defaults

  1. Tap the device Key - release
  2. Hold "Magic" for two blinks - release
  3. Press 9 - 8 - 0 -- Two blinks.


Favorite Channel Table

You can set up 10 of your favorite channels to work with the scan button.
  1. Press one of the Device buttons - release.
  2. Press the "MAGIC" button- release it AFTER you see two blinks
  3. Press 9 - 9 - 6
  4. Using the number keys-enter one of your favorite channels
  5. Press the "MAGIC" button - release
  6. Enter another favorite channel #
  7. Press "MAGIC" - release
  8. Continue entering channels, pressing "MAGIC" after. You can put up to 10 channels in.
  9. Once you have entered all the channels, Press "MAGIC" and HOLD IT until you see two blinks - release.


Scanning Channels

You can scan channels for TV's, VCR's. cable boxes, and DSS Satellites.
To scan channels:
  1. Press the DEVICE key you want to scan - release.
  2. Press the "SCAN" button and release.
The ONE CALL starts scanning channels. Each channel appears for three (3) seconds.

NOTE: The One Call continuously scans all available channels, first to last to the first channel
again over and over, until you press any button.
If you have set up the favorite channel table, the ONE CALL continuously scans those channels instead,

NOTE AGAIN: You must always aim the ONE CALL at your device while scanning channels.


Sleep Timer

The sleep timer works only with TV's, DSS satellite's and cable boxes. To use the sleep timer
  1. Press the DEVICE button and release
  2. Press the SLEEP button -it will blink once to tell you it has set the timer for 15 min.
  3. Press the SLEEP button again to change the time. Each button press increases the time by 15 min. You can set the sleep timer to a maximum of 60min.
Note: The green light blinks twice for 30 min, three times for 45min, and four times for 60min.
The sleep timer starts 10 seconds after you press the last button.

Note: The One Call flashes its green light every 15 seconds. This tells you that the sleep timer is running
Press any button other than SLEEP to stop and reset the sleep timer.
Press the SLEEP button, and the sleep timer starts again with a setting of 15.


Working with On-Screen Menus

Many devices work with on screen menus. For detailed instructions on using on screen menus you should see the owners' manuals for your device. To work the ONE CALL with on screen menus:
  1. Press the device button and release
  2. Press the MENU button to display the on screen menu(s)
  3. Once the on screen menu appears, press the SELECT button. This allows you to use the following buttons to make menu selections.
  4. Use the CH+ and CH- buttons to move a menu item selection up and down.
  5. Use the VOL + and VOL - buttons to move a menu selection left and right.
    Note: Menu selections may become highlighted as you use these controls; or a blinking cursor may appear instead.
  6. Once you have finished with the on screen menu(s), press the MAGIC button. The channel and volume control buttons now operate normally.


Key Mover

An Extended Function To A Button

  1. Tap the DEVICE key - Release.
  2. Hold "Magic" for two blinks - release.
  3. Press 9 - 9 - 4.
  4. Tap the "Magic" button and then the tree digit extended function.
  5. Tap the button you wish to use for that function - Two Blinks.
NOTE: Use the STAR buttons.

From One Button to Another

  1. Hold "Magic" until it blinks twice - release.
  2. Press 9 - 9 - 4.
  3. Tap the DEVICE and the FROM button
  4. Tap the DEVICE and the TO button
  5. Two Blinks
EXAMPLE: To take the volume from a TV and put it in the VCR mode,
it would be: MAGIC - 9 - 9 - 4 - TV - VOL UP -VCR - VOL UP - two blinks.
You would have to do the same process for VOL - and MUTE.



This will allow you do do several functions with just the touch of ONE key.
  1. Press the Device key - release
  2. Press "magic" and wait for two blinks - release
  3. Press 9 - 9 - 5
  4. Press the key you want the Macro to be on
  5. Press the sequence of keys you want the remote to do
  6. Press "Magic" and wait for two blinks - release.

When you hit the key you put the macro on it will automatically start the sequence.

IMPORTANT: The Macro key will be the macro in ALL MODES so it is best to pick a key you will not need for anything else in any other mode.


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