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How to Program your One For All® remote

(Model URC-2020)

Set Up

To set up the remote for your Device(TV,VCR, etc.).
  • Turn on the device (TV or VCR) that you want to operate.
  • Press the device button and release.
  • Press and HOLD SETUP-- after about three seconds, the red light will blink twice-release SETUP.
  • Enter the four digit code you found for your device. If you put the code in correctly, the light on the remote will blink twice.
    Remember: VOL UP = 1, VOL DOWN= 2, CH UP = 3, CH DOWN = 4
  • Aim the One For All® 2 at your device and press POWER. The device should turn off.
  • If your device does not turn off, repeat steps 2-4, trying each code listed for the brand of your device. Device Set-Up Codes
NOTE: Some VCR's did not have a POWER key on the original remote. Try putting a tape in your VCR and using the PLAY key to test the codes.


Re-Assigning Device Keys

You can use the One For All® 2 to operate a second TV or a second VCR. To do so, you must re-assign one of the device keys (TV or VCR) to operate your second unit. The examples below shows you how to re-assign the device keys.


  • Press Setup (hold 2 blinks)
  • Tap CH-, CH-, VOL +
  • Tap VCR and then TV
  • Set up VCR on the TV key using the "Set Up" instructions (above)


  • Press Setup (hold 2 blinks)
  • Tap CH-, CH-, VOL +
  • Tap TV and then VCR
  • Set up TV on the VCR key using the "Set Up" instructions (above)


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