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How to Program your One For All® remote

(Model URC - 5000)

Three color LED
The three color LED will flash green, red, or yellow during operation of the remote.
It flashes green when it sends a command. It aso flashes green to confirm when a new device is locked in.
It flashes red during set up
It flashes yellow when the remote cannot find your device.

Set Up

After getting the proper codes from your manual or Customer Service, use the following instructions to enter them into your remote.
  1. Press the DEVICE (i.e.TV,VCR,etc.).
  2. Press A - B - C - and the three digit setup code for your device.
  3. After the last digit of your number-the LED will blink green twice.


Finding Out Your Code

If you forget your code and the remote is still working, you can find out the code from the remote using the following procedure:
  1. Press A - B - C - DEVICE.
  2. Then press 1 and count the flashes (1st digit)
  3. Next press 2 and court the flashes (2nd digit)
  4. Next press 3 and count the flashes (3rd digit)
This is your three digit setup code.
Note: No blinks on a number means the number is 0


Redefining A Device Button

The remote allows the user to assign a TV to the VCR or CABLE button.
You can assign any combination of devices to different buttons.
Press A - B - C - 9 - 9 - 9 - DEVICE 1 - DEVICE 2
Then press:
Example: Let's change the Cable button to a TV button.
A - B - C - 9 - 9 - 9 - CABLE - TV
We can then assign a TV to the Cable button.
CABLE - A - B - C - 017
You can redefine any of the DEVICE buttons at the top of the remote to work your devices.
If you have more, you can also use the F1 through F4 keys for additional devices.


Clearing Out A Device Button

Press A - B - C - 9 - 9 - 9 - DEVICE KEY - DEVICE KEY.
Example: A - B - C - 9 - 9 - 9 - TV - TV


Punch Through

Punch Through allows you to operate functions from one device while using another
one. For instance- if your are using a VCR with out volume- you can get the TV volume without
changing devices keys. Use this procedure to Punch Through a function:
  1. Press the DEVICE button you want the function on.
  2. Press A - B - C - 9 - 9 - 9 - the DEVICE you want -the Function you want .
  3. The green light will blink twice.
(i.e. To get the volume from the TV in the CABLE mode: TV - A - B - C - 9 - 9 - 9 - CABLE - VOLUME+)


Advanced Features

This remote does have some designated keys for advanced functions, i.e.: A/B key, Display, and Program key, All other functions are accessed by the A key followed by a two digit code.
Example: to access the menu on code 054 press A - 10.
The program key acts as a toggle switch between the five VCR/SURROUND keys, In the VCR
mode the PLAY, REW, etc keys flash green and in the SURROUND mode flash red.


Sleep Timer

To use the sleep timer press the device you would like to turn off, then the SLEEP key and the two
digit number for the time. (00-99) you would like to turn off.
Example: TV - SLEEP - 30. Keep the remote aimed at the device. The remote will flash green every 30 seconds to show the sleep timer is activated.
To clear the timer, press DEVICE - SLEEP - 00.



You can program the remote to perform a series of sequence commands using the AUDIO, VIDEO, or the F1 throug F4 keys.
To program the TV, CABLE, and VCR to turn on at once press:
  1. A - B - C - VIDEO
  3. TV - POWER
  4. 0 - 3
  5. VCR - POWER
  6. A - B - C .


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