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About Your EVERSAFE Universal Garage Door Opener

Your Eversafe remote control works with the following manufacturers' products if they are less than ten (10) years old:
  • Sears (most units)
  • Genie
    model AT85 (9 position switch)
    model AT90 (12-position switch)
  • Stanley
  • Chamberlin (most units)
  • Linear
  • Moore-O-Matic
  • Multi-Code
  • Wayne Dalton (most units)
  • Lift-Master
  • Master Mechanic

Setting Up Your Transmitter

To set up the EVERSAFE Universal Garage Door Opener Transmitter, complete these steps:
  1. Hold the transmitter so the bottom of the unit and the battery faces you with the switiches closest to your body.
  2. Find the manufacturer of your unit BRANDS to determine the correct switch positions on the EVERSAFE Universal Garage Door Opener Transmitter. If your current transmitter and radio receiver in your garage is a Multi-Code, see "USING THE JUMPER", (below), after setting the Multi-Code switch positions.
  3. Move the manufacturer select switches (labled A,B, & C) to match the settings noted in the Brands section for the manufacturer of your present unit. SET THESE THREE SWITCHES FIRST. If your current transmitter does not have DIP switches, see "CODE LEARNING", (below), after setting the manufacturer's switch positions.
    NOTE: Ignore the numbers located on the black DIP switches. Please refer to the numbers located on the green board only.
  4. Move the coding switches (labeled 1-12 on the green board) to the same setting as your existing unit. Set only the same number of switches that your current unit has. For example, if your unit has 9 switches, set the first 9 switches. The remaining switches must be set to the down position. If your transmitter is lost, or you have or had a two/three button original transmitter, you will have to look on the radio receiver located either on or near the garage door opener motor.
    IMPORTANT:The coding switches must exactrly match the existing unit. Please note that there is a middle setting on the first 9 switches. If your original transmitter's switches have only two settings, be sure that you set the switches on your new transmitter either all the way up or all the way down.
  5. Test your EVERSAFE Universal Garage Door Opener Transmitter by pressing the button.

Using the Jumper

If your existing unit is a Multi-Code (10 position coding switch) you must remove the jumper on the EVERSAFE Univesal Garage Door Opener Transmitter ( the rubber rectangular peice over two wire pins). The jumper changes the frequency of the transmitter to align with your original transmitter.

To Remove The Jumper

  1. Grasp the jumper between two fingers.
  2. Pull it straight up and off exposing the two wire pins. Discard the rubber piece.

Code Learning for "SMART" Garage Door Opener

If your Garage door opener is a newer model Sears, Chamberlain, Liftmaster, or Master Mechanic, you may need to tell the motor head (radio receiver), mounted in your garage, what code you are using. In order to do this, you will need to be able to reach the motor head unit and your Eversafe Universal GarageDoor Opener Transmitter.
To program the remote control:
  1. Remove the plastic cover on the head unit. Find the "smart" or "learn" button on the head unit. The button should have a LED light next to it.
  2. Set the coding switches on the EVERSAFE Universal Garage Door Opener Transmitter to any position you like.
  3. Press and hold the button on your EVERSAFE Universal Garage Door Opener Transmitter. While holding down that button, press the "smart" or "learn" button on the head unit. After the light on the head unit flashes, release both buttons.
  4. Test your EVERSAFE Universal Garage Door Opener Transmitter by pressing the button.


The sensitivity of the garage door radio receiver is the main determinant of the range of your transmitter. The EVERSAFE® Two Button Universal Garage Door Transmitter transmits a highly directional radio signal to your garage door opener. To obtain the maximum range from your EVERSAFE® transmitter, point the transmitter with the LED (light) aimed directly at your garage door opener before pressing the activator button.
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