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Peacocks - "In Without Knocking"

If you can imagine the Buzzcocks with the intensity of Motorhead, then you have an idea of what this hard rockin' trio from Switzerland are all about. While most of the tunes are old school punk, with a few Offspring style chants here and there, they also show there softer side on a couple of numbers, like "Fleamarket" and "Let's Rock", which kinda have an Oasis feel. There's also a few ska tunes for good measure.

The press release describes the band as "Punk/Rockabilly/Ska/Skate". Personally, I don't hear any rockabilly in the mix, but the other three are spot on. (10/19/99)

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Turbo AC's - "Winner Take All"

Adrenelin rush, rock & roll, that's what this is. Musically, this is where punks and greasers meet. Imagine old school punk with a rockin' beat, and you're starting to get the idea. I guess you could call it punk-a-billy. However hard it might be categorize, rockin' music is rockin' music, and this rocks.

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Custom Made Scare - "The Greatest Show On Dirt"

So I guess Hank Williams went to hell after all, because apparently he met up with Sid Vicious and formed a band. At least that what you would think listening to Custom Made Scare. Most of this disc is 100 mph greaser rock & roll, but there's funny moments like "Sick, Sober and Sorry" a kinda punk country yodel.

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