Rob's Remotes for Sale

Because some remotes need hardware modifications for it to be possible to program them using the JP1 tools, I buy these remotes direct from One For All and perform the hardware modifications myself so that you can buy them in a "JP1 ready" condition. I also carry other remotes from the One For All and UEI product lines, some of which are hard to find elsewhere. I also offer the un-modified remotes for sale at a lower code for people who want to try performing the modifications themselves.

I am happy to ship remotes overseas, so email me for a quote if this is something you need.

URC-6131 PVR remote
URC-6131M (modified) $23
URC-6131 (unmodified) $13
URC-6011 6 device remote
URC-6011M (modified) $23
URC-6011 (unmodified) $13
URC-9960 Kameleon
URC-9960M (modified) $60
URC-9960 (unmodified) $50
URC-8811 8 device remote
URC-8811 $19
URC-8910 8 device remote
URC-8910 $23
URC-9910 8 device remote
URC-9910 $23
ReplayTV OEM remote
ReplayTV $20
Cat48 OEM remote
Cat48 $15
Cat48 learning remote
Cat48 (w/learning) $20

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