Answering Questions about the Russian Language

Russian is a language that is not only spoken in Russia, but also in the surrounding areas of Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. Among all the Slavic languages, Russian is spoken the most. Internationally, it ranks at the eighth most commonly spoken language. Russian is somewhat similar to Bulgarian in many ways, in terms of its pronunciation as well as the vocabulary. Recent globalization has led to linguistic influences from other languages that include English, Polish, German, and even Greek. Due to the structure of the language, including the fact it uses a Cyrillic alphabet, most people who speak a Germanic-based native language, like English or French, find it somewhat difficult to learn Russian. However, with due diligence and plenty of practice in reading, writing, and conversation, it can become easier to learn.

Russian Translating Dictionaries

A dictionary is one of the first tools required for a new language. There are many online dictionaries available. The most useful ones can be used in either Russian or English. Some also include additional features such as grammar refreshers.

Study Aids for Russian Students

Using additional tools can help greatly in learning Russian. Brush up on the alphabet and pronunciation rules. It helps to find a Russian penpal and communicate with them for practice. Listen to Russian radio or the news too, to hear how natives speak.

Grammar and Language Tutorials

Russian grammar can be especially tricky. Fortunately, there are plenty of free lessons offered online. The most helpful are those that include audio pronunciation clips. Only move onto the next lesson when you are sure you’ve mastered the previous one.

Russian Literature

There are many aspects of the Russian language that are rooted in tradition and literature. A lot of Russian stories are also available in English translations. Try to start reading with children’s books. As you become more confident, you can graduate to more advanced books.

Russian for Travelers

Review some basic Russian phrases before travelling to Russia. Even if your sentences aren’t perfect, the locals will appreciate the effort! Several websites offer phrase guides and suggestions for tourists. It is handy to keep an electronic or print pocket dictionary on hand while travelling.

Additional Resources