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Three Blue Teardrops. Dave Sisson, Rick Uppling and Randy Sabo started Three Blue Teardrops in the fall of 1991. Randy left the band to become a daddy to lots of babies in 1994 and Kevin Lee Myers (the pride of Dublin, Georgia) joined up. Kevin drummed, toured and recorded with the band until the band lost momemtum in 1998 when their label folded, Rick moved to Germany and Dave lost interest to become a daddy to lots of babies. Since then all members have kept busy doing a myriad of things musical and otherwise and gigs were few and far between. In 2000 Rick moved back to Chicago and the original line up of Dave, Rick and Randy rejoined to play a wedding gig for a good friend and fan of the band. Since then there have been a few "reunion" shows. Like the Bubonic Plague, the band seems to always exist just below the surface waiting to inflict pain and suffering upon the unsuspecting masses and the members remain friends first and a band second.

Randy Sabo, Dave Sisson and Rick Uppling at the White Palace Grill on Chicago's Southside in 1991

Cadillac Jack video sleeve art...YES there was a VIDEO!!! Imagine that...

The flyer for the first ever gig September 1991

On top of the Flat Iron Building in Chicago's Wicker Park-1993

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