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Shepherd Express - Milwaukee, WI

The Honeybees - Sweet As Honey - 12/23/99

The Honeybees
The Honeybees
As the calendar turns to the new millennium, music took a wistful glance to the past on Saturday night at the Filter Inn when Chicago's Honeybees took the stage. Mixing rockabilly, country, swing, hillbilly and jump blues, the band transformed the jaded 1990s rock scene into a hoedown highlighting covers by such trailblazers as Patsy Cline, Roy Brown, and the collins Kids as well as modern roots rockers such as the Derailers.

Lead vocalists Barb Clifford and Lisa Frye's different styles contrast well for the most part: Clifford's is crisp and piercing; Frye's is rich and mellow. In "Crazy Arms", Frye provided the meat of the vocals and Clifford backer her with high harmonies.

Drummer Theresa Drda, rhythm guitarist Mark Linday, lead guitarist Todd Longfellow and stand-up bassist Phil Rainey took a back seat to the singers, keeping the decibels low. The Honeybees plan to record within the next year after they work on more original songs.

Look for the Honeybees over the next few months. If you enjoy roots music and want to practice your swing and jitterbug moves on the dance floor, this band won't disappoint.

-Sara Filzen - Shepherd-Express Milwaukee, WI.

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