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Dateline: October 16, 1998

Brian Setzer Orchestra - 30.31 KBrian Setzer, former lead singer of the fantastic 80's Rockabilly band, The Stray Cats, is out on hs own with his new band, The Brian Setzer Orchestra. This is a seventeen piece enemble and they are creating some of the hottest danceable swing music today. But swing or even jazz is not where it's at kiddies, it's about rock & roll and what you can do with it in a big band. B.S.O. has often been described as having an unique approach to Big Band with the "classic Count Basie sound, the jump blues of Louis Jordan, and Setzer,'s own definition of American roots rock 'n' roll." The new swing band revival is probably the hottest music today, and if you haven't heard it yet, you may just as well start with the master Brian Setzer.

Brian Setzer began his project sometime in 1992, shortly after the final album of The Stray Cats. His love of big band jazz and classic rock & roll is what inpired him to create a big band with a rock & roll sound. He's like a Big Band leader from the 40's, but rather than playing a clarient or a trumpet, he plays a truly rock & roll guitar. The sounds of B.S.O. are definately not your easy listening background music, it's hard and rockin' and fun. This is the second time Brian has resurrected an older genre, an dhe has coined it with his own term, Kustom Lifestyle. In an interview with Kastle from Musicplex, Brian describes the Kustom Lifestyle.

The Kustom Lifestyle is not about one kind of music, it's not about just rockabilly or psychobilly. It's just about the kind of people who like to kind of go against the grain. It's definitely about old cars, but it's about fixing them up in your own style, making them custom or hot-rodding them. It's also about style in the way you dress whether it be rockabilly style or swing style. It's about thought going into your daily life. Like I would never go out in a pair of sneakers and jeans with my hair not combed - it's never been done! It's about care and thought that goes into your daily regime. There's a lot of people who do that, in their look and in your daily life and the way you live.

Brian Setzer's Big Band has just released their third album, The Dirty Boogie, and in support of this album, they have announced the largest tour to date. This is a show you will not want to miss as B.S.O. can put on a show that rivals anyone.

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