It seems like Carl Schrieber has been on the Chicago rockabilly scene forever. He started off as the guitar player for HI-FI and the Roadburners (but then again, didn't everybody). At this time there was another local Chicago rockabilly band called Daddy Long Legs, that featured Rockin' Billy on guitar, Rick Uppling on bass and Steve Uppling on drums. At some point the two bands swapped guitar players, with Rockin' Billy joining HI-FI and Carl joining Rick and Steve to form a new band that they called The Chasers.

The Chasers eventually split with Rick leaving to start the Three Blue Teardrops, and Steve going on the play for Rockin' Billy and HI-FI before starting American Dream. Carl started working with a drummer, Kevin ????, calling themselves the Pomade Playboys and started the search for a bass player that would eventually hook them up with Rod Blaze, and The DuValls were born.

The DuValls instantly gained a loyal following based on their traditional rockabilly stylings. They played various shows around the country in support of their debut disc "Introducing The DuValls". Rod Glaze has now left the band to form his own hillbilly group, the Western Radio Stars. The new bass player is Brad ????, who has previously played with Rockin' Billy.

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