Wake Up And Smell The Greaseballs

Wake Up And Smell The Greaseballs 01. Sci-Fi and the Moonburners
02. Ride the Texas Surf
03. Hoboken Hustle
04. Riceburner
05. Iguana
06. Flying Guillotine
07. Triller
08. Mourning Becomes Elctra
09. Slow Poison
10. El Caballo
11. Froggy Went A-Surfin'
12. Hopped-Up on Goofballs
13. Pistolero
14. Last Wave
15. Dr. Infanticide
16. Snake Eyes
17. Paraiso


As usual, surf music rides a series of waves. The fact that the genre is on a down cycle doesn't mean that bands cease making good music, and the Chicago-based Greaseballs are a case in point. Surf is difficult to play, but at it's best should sound as if you could go home and do whatthe Greaseballs guitarist Bill Bullinski does with no effort at all.

The 17 originals display a timelessness that makes them sound like covers. "Hoboken Hustle" churns with a theme reminiscent of "The In Crowd", while "Froggy Went A Surfin'" will trigger Ventures flashbacks. But this exquisitely executed music offers some of the most important elemens of killer surf action - coolness. Bulinski's guitar work, rather than pyrotechnics, consists of a seemingly endless series of exactly the right notes in the right places. Drummer Theresa Drda carries the right blend of propulsion and reserve, keeping a rock-solid pace, and the throbbing of bassist Carl Hayano provides a gutteral foundation.

- Kevin M. Williams, the Chicago Sun Times. (11/21/99)

To say that this CD is "long awaited" would be a gross understatement. The Greaseballs were surfin' it up in Chicago in the mid to late eighties long before there was any kind of surf scene. Having said that the music here isn't always striaght ahead surf, which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. What you've got is 17 cuts of great guitar based instrumentals, and all of them are originals I might add.

- Rob Crowe, Rockabilly central

This CD was recorded at Sparrow Sound Design in Chicago.
It was engineered by Patrick Halliwell.
It was produced by The Greaseballs and Patrick Halliwell.

Russian Language

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