Newspaper Articles

  • Boston Phoenix - 1/07/1999
  • Country Standard Time - July 1999
  • Boston Herald - 10/15/1999
  • Holland Centinal - 2/24/2000
  • Quick Quotes

  • "The Raging Teens put more sweat and aggression in their songs than the standard rockabilly band" - The Boston Globe

  • "Raging Teens are rockabilly, and very good rockabilly at that, straight out of Sun Studios circa 1956 . . . Within a few moments of taking the stage, they had the Indie rock crowd bouncing around as if at a high school hop." - www.an.net

  • "They were a hoot, featuring a lead guitarist who looked as if she'd wandered in from the Beverly Hillbillies but sounded more like someone who'd come from Sun Studios." - Boston Phoenix

  • "These songs genuinely sound like Chuck Berry is in the next room recording reelin' and rockin'" - Spank Magazine

  • "The Raging Teens are ACE. . . It's official!! - Nick Saloman (The Bevis Frond/Ptolemaic Terrascope)

  • "Miss Amy is one hot picker, one cool kitty to be sure. . . . Ssssmokin' to say the least. . . If these tip top rockin' rollin' performers make their way to your neck of the woods, do not miss them! You'll regret it big time!!" - Josh Lewis (Rockabilly Hall of Fame Reviews)

  • "The band was really fun. . . the real deal!" - Kickbright.com

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