Rockin' Billy
and his Wild Coyotes

Born in Memphis, Tennessee to a school teacher and his young bride, Rockin' Billy was exposed to a wide range of musical experience. The family home was right around the corner from the "First Church of Deliverance." There, a young Billy started his career at age 14 playing music with the "Holy Rollers." At 16 his family moved to Chicago. Amidst the bustling city a young Bill formed his first band - a punk band called Sponge, after working with such luminaries as Big Black, Naked Raygun, The Effigies and a 3 month tour of New York culminating in a stint with the legendary Johnny Thunders at CBGBs.

From there Billy went on to college in Nashville and studied Political Science during the day, played country music on Lower Broadway at night. It was during this period that Billy returned to his roots and started playing Rockabilly. After a stint in Texas with Mac Curtis and Ronnie Dawson, Billy returned to Chicago and formed his own band, The Wild Coyotes. Their first recording, produced by Steve Albini, landed them critical acclaim and a successful tour of Europe. The second Coyotes album, Vive la Rock and Roll, features horns of Mr. Big Fine Daddy and Ireland Terry McFarlin.

The Coyotes are a unique blend of the Blues, country and a modern day energy that Ramones fans would admire. So listen up, America, it's Coyote time!

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