"Skinny" Mike Feudale - Upright bass, vocals
Chris "The Widowmaker" DeBarge - Guitar
Joey from Somerville - Drums

Coming soon to a honky tonk, pool hall or truck stop near you, the exciting psychobilly sounds of the Speed Devils! This power trio of Boston rockabilly madmen have been entertaining liquored-up music fans all across America for several years now, with stops in such far away and exotic places as Orlando, LA and Pittsburgh.

The crazed ringleader of this hepped-up band is "Skinny" Mike Feudale, who slaps his upright bass like a man who means business, and we don't mean accounting! Of course, Skinny Mike also means business while singing and howling, and is the (sick) brains behind the concept. Joining him are Chris "The Widowmaker" DeBarge on his custom flame-job guitar, and Joey from Somerville bringing up the rear with his insane drums a-poundin'. When these three guys commence to putting on a show, expect some wild music and pompadours flailing like they're on fire. Also count on being subjected to the band's constant pitches for their ever-expanding line of Good Housewrecking - approved Speed Devils-brand products, including their own pomade and hot sauce; a lethal combination that's guaranteed to hold down the top and open up the rear!

1997 saw the release of the band's first full length CD on Cacophone Records. This self-titled disk has among its 14 songs some of the Speed Devils' rockinest show stoppers and fan favorites, such as "Showdown", "The Devil Drives a Buick", "Snake Eyes", and "Drink That Bottle Down". This spring they will return to the studio to begin work on a new album, recording new favorites like "Fire Down Below" and "The Stripper". This time The Speed Devils hope for even more radio play and extensive tours on which to raise more than a little Cain!

If you need to book 'em, don't call Danno, call Skinny Mike hisself at 617-864-6680. Records and merchandise are available all around town, or just get in touch. Look for the Speed Devils where finer bad-ass music is not only featured, but encouraged!

The Cacophone Bio

They've toured the country last summer as part of Cherry Disc's Surfabilly Tube tour, they've had standout cuts on a handful of compilations, they've been top dogs as part of a very strong rockabilly/surf scene in their hometown of Boston (opening for the likes of The Flat Duo Jets, Big Sandy, Dash Rip Rock & others)...Now, at long last, they're ready to release their first full-length album. With titles like "Drink That Bottle Down", "Sinful", "The Devil Drives A Buick" and "Teenage Riot", you know it's gonna be great. Jud Williams pounds the skins, Woody White wails guitar, and Skinny Mike Feudale howls out the words while slapping his upright bass. Too, too cool. This trio, who perform all original material, churn out the craziest, wildest, most way-gone psychobilly we've heard in years. We're brewin' up a batch of our best shine to celebrate the release of this little doggy. Hope you be doin' the same.

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