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  Device Set Up Codes:
5 Digit Codes
URC-1030    URC-2010    URC-2030
4 Digit Codes
URC-2020    URC-3030    URC-2094
URC-3600    URC-3700    URC-4600
URC-4700    URC-7200    URC-3300
3 Digit Codes
Amplifiers    Audio Cassette    Cable Converters
CD Players    Digital Audio Tape    Digital Video Disc
Home Automation    Laser Disk Player    Misc. Audio Equipment
Phonographs    Satellite Receivers    Tuner
TVs    TV/VCR Combinations    VCRs
Video Accessories      

    Programming Instructions:
URC numbers are located on the back of the One For All remote or in the owner's manual.
If you need instructions for your remote control which was provided by your Cable Company, please click here: Cable URC's
If you need instructions for your remote control where the URC number is NOT listed, click here to email Product Support. Please be sure to include the URC model number of your remote with your message: Nonlisted Models
UGD1    UGD2    URC-1030    URC-2000    URC-2001    URC-2005
URC-2010    URC-2020    URC-2030    URC-2041    URC-2060    URC-2062
URC-2075    URC-2085    URC-2086    URC-2093    URC-2094    URC-2099
URC-3030    URC-3060    URC-3062    URC-3064    URC-3065    URC-3300
URC-3301    URC-3600    URC-3700    URC-4000    URC-4005    URC-4050
URC-4060    URC-4061    URC-4062    URC-4063    URC-4065    URC-4600
URC-4700    URC-5000    URC-5060    URC-5061    URC-5062    URC-5063
URC-5065    URC-6050    URC-6800    URC-6885    URC-7070    URC-7200   
URC-8080    URC-8090    URC-8200

    How To:
Locate U.S.A. Retail Outlets Locate European Outlets
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